Welcome to Warminster School Parents’ Association

    This website features an online directory of the parent body’s businesses and services set up for the primary benefit and exclusive use of parents of both the Senior and Prep Schools.

    The directory lists and classifies parents’ businesses and services in an effort to facilitate networking and convenience in addition to promoting the search and sourcing of products and services closer to home and uniquely through the school’s parent body.

    Contributing businesses and services are encouraged to offer more favorable rates and to extend special discounts to fellow parents of the school, details of which are featured with the respective listing.

    This is a free service! – as parents of children at Warminster School, there is no charge to list your business or service in this directory.

    This website also features Warminster School’s ‘Mentoring Programme’ set up for parents, staff and OVs who are happy to sign up to share knowledge, career expertise and options for pathways for the benefit of Senior School pupils.

    Many thanks for your listings and for your support of this website!

    Whilst Warminster School supports this website, its Governors, its staff and the WSPA committee have no specific knowledge of, nor do they endorse or promote any of the businesses or services featured in the Parents’ Directory and nor are these parties 
    responsible for the accuracy of listing detail.